Top 10 Drapes for Bedroom: A Guide to Achieving Style and Comfort in Your Space

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Bedroom Drape

Selecting the perfect drapes for your bedroom can seem like a daunting task. With so many options for fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles, how do you choose drapes that will complement your existing décor while also providing the right amount of light filtering, insulation, and privacy?

This guide breaks down the top 10 best bedroom drapes to suit various needs and design aesthetics. Read on for tips, ideas, and recommendations to help you achieve the ideal look and functionality in your most personal space.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Drapes

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One of the main reasons homeowners invest in drapes is to increase privacy. The fabric can shield your bedroom from prying eyes and block unwanted light. Lined drapes and heavier, opaque fabrics like velvet provide the most privacy.

Light Control

Drapes allow you to modulate natural light, so your bedroom has the right ambiance. Light-filtering fabrics diffuse and soften sunlight. Consider drapes with side panels or connecting tie-backs for rooms with multiple windows to prevent light gaps.


Well-insulated drapes enhance energy efficiency by blocking drafts and regulating temperature. Look for thick, lined drapes, especially if your windows are prone to cold spots. Thermal drapes with blackout linings are ideal for reducing energy costs.

Noise Reduction

Noisy neighborhoods, busy streets, loud neighbors, and sounds can disrupt sleep. The extra layer provided by drapes helps absorb noise for a more relaxing environment. Opt for tightly woven, heavier fabrics to decrease outside noise.


While function is important, you’ll also want drapes that align with your interior design vision. Whether modern, traditional, minimalist, or romantic, consider color, print, and texture to complement your existing room décor.

Top 10 Drapes for Bedrooms

1. Blackout Drapes

Blackout drapes completely block outside light for bedrooms that need near-total darkness. The thick, opaque fabric and backing keep light out while also insulating. Perfect for night shift workers or day sleepers. Reduce noise and ensure total privacy.

2. Thermal Drapes

Dual-layered thermal drapes with blackout linings provide insulation against drafts and cold. Keep your bedroom cozy in winter while lowering energy costs. Available in solids and patterns to suit any style. Warm up your space without sacrificing aesthetics.

3. Sheer Drapes

Lightweight, gauzy sheers softly filter light while maintaining outside visibility—layer with blackout drapes to customize daytime light. Use alone to make a small bedroom feel more open. Sheers add an airy, romantic vibe.

4. Patterned Drapes

Liven up your bedroom with vibrant drapes, colorful designs, florals, botanical prints, or geometric patterns. Energize a neutral space or complement an existing color palette. Customize drapes to match your personality.

5. Velvet Drapes

Available in stunning solids, velvet drapes add texture and elegance to formal spaces. The plush fabric absorbs sound and insulates during cold weather. Coordinate with similarly opulent bedspreads, rugs, and furnishings for dramatic effect.

6. Faux Silk Drapes

Faux silk drapes provide the beauty of silk at a lower cost. Mimic the look of real silk with the added benefits of affordability and easy care. Faux silk drapes lend a touch of luxury and come in rich colors.

7. Linen or Cotton Drapes

Do you prefer natural fibers? Linen and cotton drapes offer breathable, durable performance. Crisp linen drapes complement the coastal décor and have a light feel to them.. Cotton provides fullness without bulk. Available in solids and patterns, befitting casual spaces.

8. Tab Top Drapes

Tab top drapes feature small fabric tabs sewn into the drape header to connect to curtain hooks. or for mounting directly onto a drapery rod. The tabs provide a smooth, uninterrupted look when the drapes are open. Choose tailored tabs for a decorative touch. Suitable for casual to formal spaces.

9. Pencil Pleat Drapes

Pencil-pleated drapes create a neat, tailored look as pleats cascade neatly down the length of the drape. The thin pleats help drapes stack evenly to each side when open. Customize fullness and spacing between pleats. Ideal for formal areas.

10. Grommet Drapes

Grommet-top drapes provide a clean, modern style with large metal rings instead of a drapery header. The grommets slip effortlessly onto sleek curtain rods for quick installation. Available in varied colors and fabrics like faux linen, cotton, or polyester.

Stylish Drapes to Transform Your Bedroom

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Now that you know the most popular drape styles and options, it’s time to find the perfect pair for your bedroom. Use these suggestions as inspiration for achieving both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Breezy Botanical Prints

Incorporate the beauty of nature with drapes splashed in floral or leafy designs. Cheerful floral drapes complement cottage spaces and country homes. Lush botanical prints in shades of green lend an earthy yet elegant vibe. Maximize brightness with sheer or light-filtering fabrics.

Luxurious Velvet

Make a bold style statement with velvet drapes’ rich depth and texture. Paint your windows in dazzling jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, or amethyst. Or opt for classic black for a touch of drama and old-world glamour. Velvet instantly infuses luxury into any bedroom.

Boho Chic Patterns

Free-spirited Bohemian décor embraces vibrant colors, global patterns, and playful prints. Select gypsy-inspired drapes with exotic paisleys, ikat stripes, or colorful batiks. Energize a neutral base with pops of coral, turquoise, or chartreuse—accent with fringed edges or macramé trim.

Coastal Cool Linen

Linen drapes evoke breezy beach house vibes with their casual texture. Crisp linen in sand, sea glass, or coral complements seaside color schemes. Keep it simple with easy shades like white. Add texture with nubby linen in natural hues for an organic coastal feel.

Simply Sophisticated

Clean lines and neutral solids project an air of understated elegance. Ivory or cream drapes offset bold bedding or darker furniture while allowing natural light to fill the space. Charcoal gray offers contrast against white walls. Tailored details like pleats, trim, and tiebacks polish the refined look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bedroom Drapes

Choosing drapes for your bedroom requires considering functional factors along with design elements. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help guide your buying decisions.

1. What are the best drapes to keep a room cool?

Choose lightly woven, natural fiber drapes like linen or cotton to keep a bedroom cool in warm weather. These breathable fabrics allow airflow and feel cool against the skin. Drapes in light colors also help reflect heat. Opt for thermal-backed blackout drapes in winter to maintain temperature control year-round.

For optimal elegance and insulation, drapes should just graze the floor, allowing about 1/2 inch between the drape hem and floor. However, drapes above the floor are fine, especially if you have kids or pets. Use clip rings to train drapes neatly in place if puddling isn’t desired.

For standard-height ceilings, drapes should be installed, so the rod is about three inches above the window frame. Drapes stacked open should cover about two-thirds of the wall space surrounding the window. Adjust placement for very tall or short windows.

Ready to Style Your Bedroom With Drapes?

You’re now equipped with a thorough overview of the most stylish and functional drapes to elevate your bedroom design. From cozy blackout drapes for daytime sleepers to breezy linen panels that increase natural light, you have plenty of options to create an environment tailored to your needs.

Make sure to make the vast selection of drapes feel manageable. Our team of design experts at Shutters & Blinds by Design can simplify the process. We’ll assess your existing space, window measurements, privacy needs, and style preferences to recommend custom drapes guaranteed to impress. With our high-quality fabrics and impeccable tailoring, we’ll outfit your windows in sophisticated style.

Contact our showroom today to schedule your design consultation. We can’t wait to collaborate with you on dressing your windows in beautiful drapes to create your ideal bedroom retreat.

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