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Some Deluxe Features: What can you expect from your motorized window treatments?

Discover ultimate convenience and luxury with motorized window treatments by Shutters & Blinds by Design. Enjoy enhanced privacy, energy efficiency, and seamless integration into smart home automation systems.

Powerview App

The PowerView App unlocks the full potential of PowerView motorization. This app lets you swipe your finger to operate your shades or window blinds. You can also create customer scenes that work independently throughout the day.

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The Pebble Remote Control. This is a way to “level up” when it comes to remotes because this one allows you to preset and easily control as many as six different groupings of window treatments – individually or together – with the simple press of a button. Ergonomically designed and visually stunning, it is available in a variety of trendy color choices.

Voice Commands

PowerView also enables users to use voice commands to activate their window blinds. It is a revolutionary technology and a complete game-changer for how you use your window treatments.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

All of this helps tremendously with making your home more energy-efficient. That means a reduction in your cooling costs and a more eco-friendly household. Plus, you can prevent fading and damage to your flooring and furnishings by keeping out UV rays.

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