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Being a Raleigh homeowner means that you want to be able to take good care of your household, right down to the final details. This includes picking just the right window treatment company to work with. Raleigh homeowners know that means entrusting Shutters & Blinds by Design.

Make the Right Choice for You

Many factors determine which window treatment style would be right for you. One of the top determining factors is the budget. If you want wood blinds but only have a faux wood blind budget, the choice is obvious.

How much privacy and light control you want is another deciding factor. Too many homeowners do not give this enough thought and end up with a style of window treatment that is not a good match for the amount of privacy and light control they really need.

How much do you intend to use the window treatments? If you will adjust them for privacy and light control throughout the day, opt for something motorized. This enables you to schedule changes throughout the day without doing it manually.

Are Shutters Right for Your Raleigh Home?

The original type of window treatment was the shutter. But back then, shutters were installed on the home’s exterior to close windows at night or protect the glass.

Now, most Raleigh homes with shutters have them on the inside, and exterior ones are more for décor.


As far as window treatments go, no other option offers as much flexibility regarding privacy and light control. The slat and louver system is what makes it so versatile.


Quality shutters provide sufficient window insulation, too. This helps make your household more energy-efficient, lowering heating and cooling bills. The good news is that better energy efficiency also means your home is more eco-friendly.


Many homeowners prefer shutters because they are attractive. They can be subtle and background, or they can be bold and become the focal point of the room.


You have a variety of styles and colors, but mainly, you have a classic look with slight variations. They can still be made to look modern, but that is usually about the color choice, not the profile. The main two choices are polycore and plantation.