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Being a Chapel Hill homeowner means you have several responsibilities to take care of. One of these tasks is to find the right window treatment company to work with and put the finishing touches on your dream home. You really cannot have the home of your dreams until you have taken care of the finishing touches, like the right window treatments.

Let our crew here at Shutters & Blinds By Design provide you with the advice you need to make decisions you can live with and love for years to come.

Get Expert Help

We will be there for you whether you need window blinds or closet organization. We pride ourselves on delivering optimal customer service, starting with communication. It’s about actively listening to your wants and needs so we can offer feedback on how that can best be accomplished.

We see the whole project as a working relationship, and, as industry experts, it is our job to guide you towards making good decisions. Contact our pros for all the window treatment services you need for your Chapel Hill home.

Beyond Just the Windows

Another service we are proud to offer our Chapel Hill customers is our closet organizational systems. So, do you need this? Is this something that you could benefit from?

The answer is yes, because this is something that every Chapel Hill household could benefit from.


You probably don’t realize just how much space you have. It is never easy to grasp the amount of space you have until that space is organized. The system we put in place will maximize what you have by using it better.


You will not believe the difference it makes in how you start your day. Things can be calm and run smoothly when you can find whatever you need for yourself or while getting your kids ready. Hectic chaos is what ensues when you begin each day with a frantic search for whatever item it is that you need.


An organized system makes it easier to keep it that way. The number one reason the average closet is a mess is because it lacks organization. It is much easier to put things in the right place when everything has a place. It would take more effort to make a mess than simply putting items where they belong.


You can also avoid making the mistake of buying things you already have because you’ve misplaced the original. Or, just as bad, rebuying an item because you didn’t even realize you already had the same thing buried somewhere in that closet.