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Explore a vast selection of solar screens designed to complement your distinct style and meet your specific needs. Elevate any room and outdoor space with effortless elegance while reaping the advantages of sun protection, privacy, and energy efficiency.

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Interior solar screens are perfect for residential and commercial applications. It is the ideal way to still allow some natural light through, but not too much.

The bottom line is that you are trying to avoid overheating, a common issue in a setting with numerous windows or oversized windows. Keep your interior cool without paying a small fortune in AC bills.

Plus, this is a good way to help reduce glare and light levels inside your home or business. Protect your privacy, keep out the light and the heat and reduce glare with interior screens.


As the name would imply, roller screens are not fixed screens so you can adjust them. They are perfect for homeowners who would like to get some fresh air without worrying about issues like bugs.

However, solar screens offer additional flexibility if you prefer unobstructed views; simply roll them away with the touch of a button! They still provide UV ray protection while still allowing more light through than solar screens.

By allowing air circulation, you save on heating and cooling bills because your home will be naturally warmed or cooled. To find out more about solar screens or get your service scheduled, give us a call.

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