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Being a Morrisville homeowner means you want to properly care for your home, including finding the right window treatment company. Morrisville’s residents know that working with Shutters & Blinds By Design is the way to go.

Make the Best Choice for Your Home

When selecting window treatments, first consider your budget constraints. Real wood blinds are desirable but expensive, so opt for faux wood if your budget is limited. Also, think about how much light and privacy you want.

Many homeowners don’t adequately consider their needs and end up with window treatments poorly suited to them. If you’ll be adjusting the blinds frequently for changing privacy and light control needs, motorized shades are ideal since they can be scheduled and don’t require manual effort throughout the day.

Beyond the budget, light and privacy needs, and usage frequency, factor in room aesthetics, window sizes, locations, and whether you have kids/pets. Taking all these elements into account will help you choose the perfect window treatments for your home.

Are Shutters Ideal for Your Morrisville Home?

Shutters were originally exterior window treatments to close up windows at night. Now, most Morrisville homes have interior shutters, with exterior ones just for decoration.

No other window treatment offers the flexibility of shutters for privacy and light control. The slat and louver system makes them so adaptable.

Quality shutters provide window insulation, too, increasing energy efficiency and lowering utility bills. Better efficiency means a more eco-friendly home.

Many homeowners like shutters for their attractiveness. They can blend in or stand out. Though classic in style, color choices can modernize the look. The main options are polycore and plantation styles.

Let our Morrisville showroom help you find the perfect window treatments to match your home’s style and needs. Call today to schedule a design consultation.

Exceptional Window Treatments for Your Morrisville Home

At Shutters & Blinds By Design, we take pride in offering an impressive collection of beautifully crafted window treatments to suit any style. From timeless shutters to versatile blinds and luxurious drapes and shades, our thoughtfully curated selection has options to accentuate any room.

Elevate Your Windows with Endless Possibilities

With a vast variety of materials, colors, patterns and textures, our window coverings can match any aesthetic – from sleek and contemporary to traditional and refined. Our expert team helps bring your creative vision to life!


Classic Charm and Unmatched Versatility

Our exquisite shutters blend flawless functionality with timeless beauty. Crafted with precision, our wood, composite, and other shutter materials complement any décor while providing exceptional light control and privacy. With numerous finishes, designs, and customization options, we tailor your shutters to complement your décor and meet your unique needs for privacy, light control, and elegance. Our selection offers classic wood shutters alongside more durable, low-maintenance composite shutters built to beautifully withstand the test of time.


Sleek Style and Precise Light Control

Experience form and function combined beautifully in our window blind collection. Choose from faux wood, aluminum, mini, wood and vinyl blinds in a range of colors, materials and styles – from contemporary to rustic. Easy to control, our blinds add style and privacy. Offering precise light filtering, privacy options, easy controls, and harmonious style, our blinds add substance and elegance to your rooms. Experience the perfect fusion of customization, convenience, and chic with our blinds.


Refined Simplicity and Unmatched Privacy

Elevate your space with the artistry of shades like roller, cellular, woven, pleated and Roman in a variety of fabrics, textures and opacity levels. Achieve the perfect balance of light filtering, privacy and design. With varied fabrics, textures and opacity levels, discover your ideal balance of form and function. Our shades transform windows into stunning focal points, whether you desire a sleek modern look or a soft, elegant ambiance.


Luxurious Fabrics and Elegant Ambiance

Indulge in the luxurious beauty of our draperies in a range of exquisite fabrics, patterns, and styles to customize your perfect look. Flowing sheers and opulent silks transform your space into a cozy fortress. Whether you desire a formal, elegant statement or casual softness, our drapes enhance your décor with a luxurious touch of personalized style.

Solar Screens

Effortless Sun Protection and Energy Efficiency

Reduce heat and glare while inviting light in with our innovative solar screens. Customize visibility and achieve a comfortable interior while lowering energy costs and protecting furnishings.


Smart Solutions for Modern Living

Motorized shades make daily life simpler for Morrisville homeowners. As window treatment experts, we’re delighted to offer this service and provide long-term solutions.

Transform your home with window treatments tailored to your lifestyle and needs. Contact our team today!