When enhancing your home’s style and functionality, choosing between the different types of window shutters available can be challenging. With shutters available in a range of materials, operating styles, and aesthetics, it’s important to understand the various options to make the best decision for your needs. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top shutter varieties—polycore, plantation, paneled, roll-up, and board & batten—to help guide your selection.

Polycore Shutters: The Durable, Carefree Option

Polycore shutters, sometimes called “poly shutters,” are crafted from synthetic materials like polystyrene or PVC. They feature a solid polycore center that is lightweight yet highly durable. Here are some of the benefits polycore shutters offer:

polycore shutter

Low Maintenance: Polycore shutters are moisture-resistant and don’t require painting or staining. This makes them a carefree, low-maintenance option.

Durability: The rigid polycore ensures these shutters hold their shape and resist dents, cracks, and warping. They can withstand all weather conditions.

Customizable: Polycore shutters come in a huge array of colors and sizes, making it easy to complement your home’s exterior. You can also opt for adjustable tilt rods and other functional upgrades.

Affordability: Polycore is generally more budget-friendly than natural wood options. This makes it possible to outfit your whole home with custom shutters.

Room Suitability: Polycore shutters are ideal for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens as well as exterior installation thanks to their durability against humidity, splashes, and all weather conditions, giving homes enhanced functionality and lasting curb appeal.

With its longevity, hassle-free care, and customization options, polycore makes an excellent choice for curb appeal, light control, and privacy. They’re ideal for exterior installation on any style of home.

Plantation Shutters: Timeless Sophistication

Plantation shutters are interior shutters featuring adjustable louvers that tilt to control light and privacy. Often crafted from wood, they have a classic elegance, making them perfect for formal spaces. Benefits of plantation shutters include:

best types of window shutters to consider for any home

Visual Appeal: With their clean, straight lines and neutral hues, plantation shutters add understated sophistication to any room. The hand-crafted look provides timeless style.

Light Control: Adjustable louvers make it easy to direct sunlight and daylight. Open louvers for light, or close them for privacy and darkening.

Adds Value: Quality wood plantation shutters are a long-term investment that can increase a home’s value. Their custom fit also maximizes energy efficiency.

Sound Dampening: Shutters absorb sound better than curtains or blinds. Closing louvers help insulate rooms from outside noise.

Room Suitability: Plantation shutters complement formal spaces like dining rooms, studies, master suites, and more. Their neutral palette works in any décor.

For superior aesthetics, functionality, and value, few window treatments beat the sophistication of plantation shutters. They make an excellent choice for fashionable, peaceful interiors.

Traditional Paneled Interior Shutters

Paneled shutters feature flat, horizontal boards, perfect for a cottage or farmhouse aesthetic. Benefits include:

  • Control light and ventilation when open or closed
  • Softer visual style than plantation shutters
  • Can be painted or stained for personalized color schemes
  • Typically installed on hinges for easy operation

For a casual, traditional look perfect for kitchens, dens, and country homes, explore versatile paneled shutters.

Customizable Roll-Up Shutters

Fun and functional, roll-up shutters allow for adjustable light control via slats that roll up and down within a track system. Ideal for:

  • Large windows and patio doors
  • Contemporary, industrial, or eclectic spaces
  • Adding color with vibrant shutter colors and materials
  • Smooth operation and easy opening/closing

For a modern, customizable solution, roll-up shutters bring fashion and function.

Rustic Board & Batten Shutters

Board & batten shutters feature a charming, rustic aesthetic of vertical and horizontal boards. Ideal for:

  • Cabins, cottages, and farmhouse designs
  • Interior or exterior installation
  • Providing privacy without fully blocking light
  • Adding country character to any room

For a cozy, down-home style, board & batten shutters deliver.

When it comes to finding shutters that offer superior durability, customization, and sophistication, polycore and plantation shutters stand out as two of the best. Investing in either polycore or plantation shutters will provide you with attractive, high-quality window treatments that enhance style, function, and comfort in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Types of Window Shutters

What factors affect the cost of plantation shutters?

The primary factors affecting plantation shutter pricing are materials, size and number of shutters needed, customization, and professional installation. Premium wood and hardware upgrades increase costs. The total square footage requiring coverage also impacts the overall price.

Polycore shutters can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water solution and rinsed off. Plantation wood shutters should be dusted regularly and cleaned carefully with a wood cleaner or polish to avoid damaging the louvers or paint. Avoid excessive water.

Yes, it’s highly recommended to have custom-fit shutters installed by experts. Precision measurements and professional mounting ensure your shutters operate smoothly and provide maximum benefits.

Window Shutters with Shutters & Blinds by Design

No matter your home style or décor needs, shutters offer attractive, functional options to enhance your windows while providing privacy, light control, and ventilation. With so many types to consider, it’s easy to find shutters that suit your taste and lifestyle. Contact our experts at Shutters & Blinds by Design today to explore which options are best for you!

We provide complimentary in-home consultations to view your windows and spaces first-hand. Our shutter specialists will carefully evaluate and make recommendations tailored to meet the aesthetic, quality and budgetary requirements of each customer. With premium products, expert installations and outstanding customer service, the entire process will be straightforward and enjoyable for you.

Don’t settle for standard big-box shutter options when you can have shutters customized to your home. Call (919) 745-7690 today to schedule your free design consultation!

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