Foolproof Window Blind Cord Safety Tips For Your Home

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Window Blind Cord Safety

As a Raleigh homeowner, you are probably always looking for ways to keep your household safe. You take your time and do your research when it comes to the products that you buy, in an effort to safeguard your loved ones.

So what if you learned that the seemingly harmless pull cord you use to adjust your blinds could pose a big safety threat? For children and pets, this can lead to serious injury, if not a fatality.

What You Should Be Aware Of

Window blinds do come with warning labels that warn of choking hazards. The problem is that the average consumer simply removes this tag without ever reading it. Be an informed consumer and homeowner, and don’t ignore warning labels. For Roman shades, lift cords have to be enclosed with a cord shroud on the back. This prevents anyone from actually gaining access to the cord and, as a result, reduces the likelihood of injuries. Cord joiners have to detach if downward pressure is applied to the cords. This makes it less likely to be able to get caught on the cord and cause injury, such as strangulation.

As a parent and homeowner, take precautions such as leaving window treatments with cords out of bedrooms with younger children. Replace any style of window treatment manufactured prior to 2001.

If you are uncertain of the manufacture date, don’t take the risk. Anything prior to that date no longer meets modern safety standards.

Also, make it a point to move cribs, beds or other furniture or toys away from windows and cords. In fact, all window pull cords should be kept away from the reach of children, including inner lift cords.

What About Going Cordless?

It is true, one of the most effective ways to minimize the chances of cord hazards is to do away with the cord altogether. In fact, by opting for motorization, you eliminate the threat completely.

At Shutters and Blinds By Design, we have become the preferred local window blind company because we care about the safety and well-being of our customers, so call us today! We can easily help educate you about cord safety, or transition you to a cord-free home, instead.

The great thing about motorization is that there are plenty of other benefits, in addition to heightened safety. For one thing, this makes adjusting your window shades easier and makes your house more energy-efficient.

Plus, you can feel secure because you have the ability to change your blinds while away, making it seem as though someone is home. Let us help you protect your loved ones and make your home a safe place, with window treatment solutions.

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