Facts About Mini Blinds

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Aluminum Mini Blinds

Honestly, the first “fact” most people want to know about mini blinds, is exactly what they are. The average Raleigh homeowner may have heard the term used but probably doesn’t know what it actually means.

To sum it all up, the term comes from the fact that the slats of mini blinds are made up of slats that are half the width of standard blinds. So, standard size for mini blinds is about 1″ wide.

Understanding the Benefits

So what are the benefits of having mini blinds?

  • They work just like traditional blinds but have thinner slats. So, they have the same versatility in helping to control light and provide privacy. The only type of window treatment that offers more light and privacy control are shutters. Some homeowners feel the skinnier slat profile doesn’t have as much light control capabilities as standard blinds but it should be the same.
  • Let’s face the fact that smaller budget projects are where mini blinds are perfect. This is especially true if you have a large home or a commercial space, like an office building, that needs outfitted. The more windows you have, the more likely you need blinds and especially mini blinds.
  • Cleaning these blinds ends up being a relatively easy task. You can use a dry cloth, feather duster or mild cleaning agents and it works just fine. Since blinds are made of non-porous materials, it means dirt and dust don’t get trapped.
  • That also means this type of window treatment is perfect for anyone suffering with asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions.

Go for the Best Results

When it comes to your mini blinds, don’t trust just any window blind company, give us a call. We know window treatments and will work hard to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Don’t compromise quality when it comes to your window blind company services. You and your home deserve nothing but the best.

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