Enhance Your Space: Tips for Choosing Shutters for Large Windows

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When it comes to window treatments for oversized windows, stylish shutters present an elegant décor option to transform any room. With custom shutters sized specifically for your extra-large windows, you can add aesthetic appeal while controlling light and privacy. As you shop for shutters for those grand picture windows or sweeping floor-to-ceiling panes, keep these tips in mind.

Determine the Right Shutters for Each Window

With multiple large windows in one room, you’ll want to assess the unique needs of each one. Consider:

Light and Privacy Needs

Identify windows where you’d welcome ample daylight versus those where you’d prefer more privacy or light control. Bedrooms and baths often need extra privacy while living areas tend to benefit from plentiful natural light.

Window Purpose

Think about how you use particular windows. For frequently opened windows, adjustable shutters allow you to easily let in fresh air. For windows mainly adding aesthetic appeal, non-functional decorative shutters add style without operation needed.

Match Your Home’s Architectural Style

Your home’s architecture will guide the best shutter style for large windows. Consult our guide to choose shutters enhancing your home’s specific character and decor style whether it’s Craftsman, Farmhouse, Traditional, or Cottage. 

Opt for the Proper Shutter Size

proper shutter size

Getting the proportions right is key for shutters properly framing oversized windows. When closed, shutters should fully cover the window opening. Measure width carefully for any extra-wide windows to determine the proper shutter size needed.

For floor-to-ceiling windows, you may need extended length shutters. Measure window height to ensure your new shutters will reach from the top to the bottom. Getting custom shutters sized right for large windows guarantees seamless style.

Key Takeaway

Properly measuring oversized windows helps determine accurate price quotes for any custom work needed. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for precise estimates.

Choose a Durable Shutter Material

With larger shutters come extra weight and stain risk, so material matters more. Assess these common options for strength and worry-free maintenance:

Key Takeaways

  • For adequate light control, privacy, and aesthetic balance, oversized windows require properly sized shutters fully covering each window when closed.
  • Matching your home’s architecture style ensures the shutters you choose to enhance your existing decor seamlessly.

Address Frequent Shutter Questions

As you shop for shutters to enhance those extra-large windows, a few common questions may arise. We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Are shutters operable or just decorative?

Shutters come in working and non-working styles. Operable shutters feature hinges allowing you to open and close them. Non-working decorative shutters simply mount in place for visual appeal. Depending on your needs and the window type, you’ll want to choose accordingly.

One of the benefits of custom shutters made from durable materials like composites is their low maintenance needs, even when installed high up. Occasional dusting or wiping down to keep their smooth finish is often sufficient for shutters out of easy reach.

Given their larger-than-average size, custom shutters sized for oversized windows fall on the pricier side. Exact pricing depends on factors like material and accompanying hardware. Professional installation and custom design can increase costs more.

Turn Your Oversized Windows Into Assets

Don’t let spacious windows go to waste. With considered design choices and custom-made shutters sized precisely for your space, you can unlock their full potential.

Ready to transform those large windows or glass walls into standout focal points rather than awkward trouble areas? Contact our team at Shutters & Blinds by Design for a free design consultation.

With certified experts on hand to analyze your space, recommend perfect products, handle precise measurements, and flawlessly install your custom shutters, you’ll finally be able to enjoy your oversized windows.

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