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Drapery Products & Hardware

Drapery company

Draperies add style and function to the interior design aesthetics in your Raleigh home. No one does customer fabric work quite like our team here at Shutters and Blinds By Design.

We are the local window drapery company of choice because we offer the best quality results by using exceptional materials. Nothing but the best will do, when it comes to your home and the details that go into it, including your window treatments.

Available in fabrics, side panels, and valances, Shutters and Blinds by Design also brings you a variety of other kinds of window coverings. Indeed, we specialize in the make and design of all kinds of drapes, side panels, and valances for our customers to enjoy throughout their space.


Making your house feel truly like a home is all about the details. That includes things that you would never usually think about, such as drapery hardware.

These are pieces such as:

Finials - These are end pieces for rods and the most decorative of hardware pieces. They can be more subtle than ornate, that is up to you, but they are meant to be noticed.

Double-hung Rods - The right rod to handle more than a single drape. It's what is used in a set with a sheer curtain and a privacy curtain combo.

Traverse Rods - The type of rod used for curtains with a pulley system. It looks clean and is very user-friendly.

There are plenty of other types of hardware for drapery but these are some good examples. For the finest in drapery and related hardware, give our experts a call.

If you are looking for draperies for your Raleigh home, please call 919-745-7690 or complete our online consultation form.